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How to Find Frames for Your Wall Art
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How to Find Frames for Your Wall Art

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Wondering where to find frames for your new wall art prints?

Well, I'm here to help! I've curated some of my favorite frames and have paired them with lovely little home co. art prints in order to give you inspiration when it comes to choosing and framing your wall art.

When it comes to choosing the frames themselves, I especially love matted frames in neutral colors (think black, white, silver, gold, beige) because they give the art room to breathe within the frame, and really create that fine art, gallery wall look in your space. The choice of frame is really up to you! If you love a more decorative frame, go for it!

If you find a frame you love that doesn't have a mat, you can always talk with a custom framer to have a mat created to fit your art within the frame.

Feel free to pin the images from this post to Pinterest to help you plan your wall art design!

Here are my suggestions on where to find frames:

Simply Framed

Simply Framed offers really beautiful, minimalist frames that allow the art to shine. They are especially great with large (40"+) frames. I'm not an affiliate for them, but they did send me a special offer code for you as my customers! You can get 10% off your order with Simply Framed with code: LOVELYLITTLE10

Here are some of my favorite Simply Framed frames:




how to choose frames for your wall art photo

one: frame | art   ||   two: frame | art    ||   three: frame | art    ||    four: frame | art



Framebridge is another online frame retailer. Framebridge recently began offering curated collections of frames to make it easy for you to create a gallery wall, which you can find here. Once again, I'm not an affiliate for them, but because they want to make it easy for you to frame your lovely little home co. prints, they offered me a special code to share with you! You can get 15% off any frame at Framebridge with my special code: LovelyLittleHome15

how to choose wall art frames framebridge lovely little home co photo 

one: frame | art   ||   two: frame | art    ||   three: frame | art    ||    four: frame | art

Their Newport frame (frame one in the image above) is holding a 24x36" of the Lagos Portugal Beach Print in my own living room, which you can find here.


I have a few frames from Target in my own home. Here are a couple of my favorites...

one: frame | art   ||   two: frame | art    

Here is what the bottom frame (#2 pictured above) looks like in my own home.

gallery wall inspiration photo

frame | art (top to bottom): onetwo | three

Here I am, holding the first frame in the Target roundup image.

    frame | art

    Aaron Brothers + Michaels

    Aaron Brothers and Michaels are great resources for frames. You can shop by visiting an Aaron Brothers or Michaels in store, or online via Aaron Brothers' new partnership with Michaels, which you can shop from here. You can find a frame I liked from Michaels here.


    Ikea also has frames for you to choose from--just be sure to double check the measurements of the frame opening for their frames, since their sizing can sometimes be different than standard US frame sizing.

    frame | art


    I couldn't write a frame resource post without including Amazon! 

    frame | art

    Your local custom framer!

    Of course, you can always find a local framer near to you to help you frame your art.


    I hope this post helped you choose frames for your space!

    Ready to find art for your new frames? Shop our fine art print collection HERE.

    how to choose wall art frames for your home decor photo