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travel photography wall art prints - home decor - lovely little home co. photo

I believe that home decor has the power to transform your space and make your space truly feel like home.

My name is Paulina, and I'm the founder of lovely little home co., a home decor company passionate about making homes more beautiful. I create fine home goods with design in mind, helping you live intentionally and create a beautiful home filled with decor you love. I believe that making your home a place that brings you joy will contribute to your overall sense of wellness and happiness.

lovely little home co. was inspired by things, moments, and places I found beautiful, and I wanted to bring that beauty into my own home. In 2016, when I started receiving requests from others looking for wall art, I realized that there was a need for my professional fine art photographs in the form of wall decor, and lovely little home co. was born! Each piece of wall art is printed and shipped from my studio in Los Angeles, California.

I love that my fine art prints are representative of the natural world, and I hope the beauty of the earth we live in inspires you every time you look at a lovely little home co. product.

lovely little home co. products are designed help you beautify your space and enrich your life.